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We are honored to play a small part in the 43rd @hkiffs and support them with a couple of beers. To show our respect for Sammo Hung, their Filmmaker in Focus this year, we came up with a brew inspired by this OG silver screen badass - “Nimble Macho.” Also available is the Dark Mild we created exclusively for HKIFF - "Colours in the Dark." Make sure you try them both on tap at below locations. 1. Nimble Macho (Session IPA 3.5%) Heavy and light; Powerful and agile - Such contrasts are what make Nimble Macho one of the most formidable leaders, respected by hEROES near and far. Just like Nimble Macho, this beer is both potent and easy. The surprisingly low ABV does not stop this beer from packing loads of hops under its belt, giving out tons of grapefruit, mango, gooseberry, and floral aroma. 2. Colours in the Dark (Dark Mild with Coffee 3.5%) Specially brewed for 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival, Colours In The Dark is brewed based on the English classic Dark Mild - an easy drinking yet flavorful beer that showcases an array of dark malt characters. Underneath its deceptive dark color, the beer is highly drinkable with malt flavors including biscuit, chocolate, and dark sugar, accentuated with lightly roasted coffee beans from NOC. 我哋同香港國際電影節首度聯乘推出嘅兩款特別版啤酒今日開始有得飲啦!第一款係以第43屆香港國際電影節焦點影人洪金寶爲設計靈感嘅Nimble Macho,而第二款係以英國經典Dark Mild 風格釀製嘅 Colours in the Dark ,兩款各有特色,快啲去以下地點試下啦! 1. Nimble Macho (Session IPA 3.5%) 重中帶輕;力量強大卻又靈活敏捷 - 兩者兼備的英雄少之又少,因此邪惡勢力對Nimble Macho總是聞風喪膽,而這位英雄大哥大的能力及品格亦為他贏得廣泛稱頌。 這款啤酒就正如Nimble Macho,輕盈易入口卻強而有力。雖然酒精度低,但釀製過程中加入大量啤酒花,令它充滿西柚、芒果、鵝莓及花香。 2. Colours in the Dark (Dark Mild with Coffee 3.5%) Colours In The Dark是第43屆香港國際電影節專屬啤酒。以英國經典風格Dark Mild為藍本製作,它容易入口但味道豐富,展現出深烘焙麥芽的多種特色。 雖然帶著容易令人卻步的深楬酒色,這款啤酒卻非常平易近人,並且散發著麥芽的餅乾、巧克力、黑糖味道,釀製過程中更加入NOC輕烘焙咖啡豆作點睛,令人重新思考黑暗中的無限可能。 Available now at @roundhousetaps , @thealeproject , , , @65peel . @owlsomebottles and Kowloon Taproom. #電影節發燒友 #香港國際電影節 #HKIFF #HKIFF43 #Cinefan #ColoursInTheDark #NimbleMacho #CraftBeerHK #DrinkLocal #MadeinHongKong #HeroesBeerCo
What Would You Change If You Woke Up and Your 6yr Old Child Was Gone? This is my True Story... I never could have prepared myself for this dark winter morning. I woke to an unusually quiet and cold house, which was strange with 2 young children. As I left my bedroom, it felt like a window had been left open. I thought, “What have those kiddos been up to?” And then I saw it... I froze dead in my tracks, my heart stopped and EVERY worst case scenarios ran through my head at lightening speeds in a single nanosecond. The front door was WIDE open. I flew downstairs to check on the kids, probably skipped every other step. I got to my 6yr old daughter’s room first...I was instantly thrown into “fight or flight” mode because she was GONE! My blood ran cold and I gasped for air because in Los Angeles, where I grew up, children disappear and NEVER get found. I ran to check on my even younger 3yr old son...Thank GOD he was happily sleeping in his bed. A quick sigh of relief and then back to sheer panic. While I searched every inch of our house and property, I phoned the police to report her missing. They had helicopters in the air, detectives dispatched and squad cars on the road within minutes. Was this really happening?!? How could I fix this?!? I was struggling to ignore the really dark thoughts. Just then, I noticed a few details that had been over looked. I went with my gut and quickly picked up the phone... I called her school...she was found safe and unharmed. She had woken up early and left the house at 5:30am to go to school. Strangely, she didn’t even see what the big deal was, for a 6yr old to leave the house, in the dark of winter by herself. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. One thing was clear, I needed a lot more time, freedom and flexibility with an even higher level of consistent cash flow... To support her need for • Specialists • Tests • Higher quality supplements • Top of the range treatment • More Love • More Attention • More Time Was I looking for the “Golden Unicorn”...a business where I work less and get paid infinitely more? At first, I thought so. ⬇️⬇️ Read More ⬇️⬇️
?Glow-In-The-Dark Painting ?- This activity turned into a great afternoon of fun and exploring! We read this glow-in-the-dark book by Dr.Seuss. Did you know that there was such a thing? I didn’t, but am so glad I found this at the library. 1️⃣We read it by flashlight and once we were done reading a page, we turned off the flashlights to see the glow-in-the-dark effects! 2️⃣I mixed glow-in-the-dark paint with a few drops of florescent tempera paint and the kids painted on paper. when they were finished, we took them into the bathroom (darkest room in our house) to see them glow. 3️⃣I taped some big sheets of paper to the floor with some glow-in-the-dark stars and they used the glow-in-the-dark paint to paint in the dark4️⃣They were really into playing with the flashlights, so they got in the tub (empty) and used the flashlights to make shadow puppets on the wall. They were so into this activity, which is why we kept trying different things. I love when something you think will hold their attention for 10 minutes turns into an hour of fun! Check out the stories to see it in action. #processart #openendedmaterials #creativekids #drseuss #childrensbooks #childrensliterature #kidsbooks #picturebooks #raisingreaders #preschoolactivities #homeschool #preschool #preschoolteacher #kindergarten #kindergartenteacher #toddler #toddleractivities #sahm #stayathomemom #momlife #sensoryplay #littleartists #kidscrafts #learningthroughplay #playislearning #letsplayatoz_s #earlychildhood #childhoodmemories #playbasedlearning
I used to write poems in my childhood then I lost the drive in monotony and amid this mundane life. I wrote something today after 15 years . Title: The Stars & Pride & ME . I look up in the sky and I see the stars, They shine and glaze, and burn afar . . I wonder what they utter through their light I wonder what they forlornly hide behind the light . . I know how bright they burn to impair the dark I know how it dies to let a new one to embark . . I sit under the sky and tell this to myself I want to be a star too, I tell myself . . For I never burned this bright for the dark For I never broke down for the new to embark . . I watered my own voracity and saw my own pride I forgot my purpose as I lie down in my own shine . . The star never burns to enliven its own being The Star never shines to foster its own realm . . If I must burn then it shall be for the love If I must shine then it shall be for the love . . I will seek no greed when I shall die I will seek no yield when I shall burn bright . . For I was born to walk past the pride For I was born to take the grief in my stride . The grief this world looks up to me for The grief this world walks to me for . . I shall seek no reason to live in my light I shall seek no reason to shine in my own light . . For I came to being to incapacitate the dark For I came to being to let you stand up and embark . #poetries #englishlanguage #poems #musings #mywriting #serenity #peace #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #poets #amateur
PHOENIX DANCE HEALING COMPASS 2019 Starting with creative workshop no 1 SHADOW DANCER Februar 16th / 17th In Stuttgart Shadow work and deep personal growing by integrating our dark side. Traumatic experiences solved through dance. To Know the Dark To go in the dark with a light is to know the light. To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight, And find that the dark, too, blooms and sings, and is traveled by dark feet and dark wings. ~Wendell Berry Schattenarbeit und Wachstum durch die Integration unserer dunklen Seite. Ich bin Anerkannte Heilerin und Ausbilderin nach den Richtlinien des DGH e.V und biete zusätzlich zur Jahresausbildung weitere 10 schamanische Kreativ- und Heiltanz-Seminare an, mein Ausbildungs-Gesamtkonzept heisst HEALING COMPASS. ? Artpic by Varol Ozkaner Photography #phoenixdance #femaleshaman #healingartist #therapist #healingwithdance #trauma #therapy #overcomingshadows #poweroflove #healingarts #selfacceptance #schattenarbeit #integrieren #HEALINGCOMPASS #seminar #tanzendeheilerin #heilendetänzerin #moderneheilkunst #modernesheilen #dancighealer #energy #Heilerin #Therapeutin #Medium #Coaching #Stuttgart #Kreativität #spirituellertanz #Heiltanzseminare
You all need to go run and watch Llanet’s (@topknotsandjesus) live over on the @illustratedfaith Instagram feed before it disappears. It was SO good. She used @designsbyamybruce light set in the print and pray shop to talk about six different lights. It is kind of a tough and convicting live video to watch, but WOW, God used it to speak to my heart. The last light Llanet talked about was blooming light. At first I was like huh?! ??‍♀️ but then she explained how plants need light to grow and bloom. And how we plant seeds in dark soil. I knew I wanted to use my Take Root devotion kit (a few left available in my Etsy shop!) to reflect on that point. I got to thinking about how I plant seeds in a dark world through pouring into middle and high schoolers lives through my job at the church. I kept thinking about the dark soil. We need light to grow and bloom, but we also need darkness. The plant can never grow unless it’s initially in the dark. We HAVE to go through dark and challenging times in our lives in order for us to grow in our faith. The darkness is hard but necessary. It was a mind blowing revelation as I continued to meditate on Llanet’s live. 1 Peter 2:9 immediately popped in my head. “God has called you out of darkness into His MARVELOUS light.” ??? ⠀⠀ #illustratedfaith #llanetslives #creativefaithco #creativefaithcommunity #takeroot #biblejournalingsupplies #biblejournalingdevos #biblejournalingkit #travelersnotebook #womenoftheword #faithinspiration #scrapbookcom #dotsanddust #dndwatercolors #dotsanddustwatercolors #ipreview via
This is the dark room… ? Every screen printer will have one as surprisingly, light is super important in this process‼️ To copy designs onto screens, they have to be exposed to ?. But this means before exposure, they must stay in the dark. Hence the dark room was born ? With a photo-sensitive process, dark conditions create the best quality prints. . . . #dark #darkroom #screens #screenprint #screenprinting #print #printing #printprocess #process #production #secrets #thisishowweprint #printlife #industry #photography #exposure #light&dark #design #tshirtprinting #printedmerch #behindthescenes
————————————————————————Chase the Dark!!! ———————————————————————— Join IALDANZ Sydney ‪on the 20th of March‬ at Light Cultures offices ‪@ 6pm‬ for Chase the Dark 2019 event!! This year’s theme is 50 shades of colour. Come prepared with some ideas & bring your own materials (filters, Mirrors, etc) to celebrate the equinox. We would like to thank @lightcultureaustralia for sponsoring this event. See link for more information from IALD HQ. RSVP by ‪the 13th of March‬ to: [email protected] or online at Address: 31-33 Dickson Ave, Artarmon NSW 2064 Also please forward to others who may be interested in the IALD and this event.
After we summited, we began the slow descent down in the dark. A thin line in the horizon went from bright to dim where it joined the dark. Soon, the only light was from the moon and our headlamps. It’s comforting me, actually; hiking in the dark. Sure, it has its unknowns and scary pieces. But, something about it has so grown on me just as much if not more than going to these places to see the views. You leave behind your expanse of vision to settle only for the chance to focus on the experience along the way.
#Repost @upcycled_restyled with @get_repost ・・・ I give you “The Beast” ? This huge, amazing, vintage desk was entrusted to me by @clairefish_ceo_mama to give it a quirky new makeover. Borrowing ideas from my very first professional upcycle, this beaut of a desk has been painted in a custom mix of Frenchic Hornblower and Blackjack to get a very classic dark blue. The drawer fronts were stripped of their old finish and dark waxed, and geometric chevrons have been added to both drawer fronts using Frenchic Frensheen. Inside the drawer have been painted in another Frenchic custom mix of Victory Lane and Blackjack to get a stunning dark green that gives a lovely contrast to the dark blue outside and ties in beautifully with the leafy, botanical wallpaper that has lined the drawers. Finally I added gold cup handles to bring the whole thing together! This desk has been a challenge to say the least but it has also been joy to work on, and the result speaks for itself! #hastobefrenchic #frenchic #furnitureflip #furniturepainter #upcycler #upcycled #upcyclersofinstagram #interiordesign #interiors123 #interiors #southendonsea #leighonsea #furniturepaintersunite #UPcollective #upcycledhour #furniturestaging #furniturephotography #commissionpiece #pinesideboard #oldfurniture #nolandfillforthisbeauty #handpaintedfurniture #paintedfurniturecommission #paintedfurniture #furnitureartist #supportlocalbusiness #localbusiness